3D Printer Extruders

The extruder typically consists of a motor, a heating element, and a nozzle. The motor pulls the filament from a spool and feeds it through a tube to the heating element, which melts the plastic. The melted plastic is then pushed through the nozzle and deposited onto the build platform in precise layers, building up the 3D object.
There are two main types of 3D printer extruder: direct and bowden extruders.
Direct extruders are attached to the hot end minimizes the distance the filament needs to travel.
Bowden extruders are not directly attached to the hot end. They have a PTFE tube which connects the extruder to the hot end.
There are also dual extruder 3D printers, printers which use two extruders rather than just one.

3D Printer extruder is responsible for how much and at what speed your 3D printer pushes filament into the hotend...

  • Bondtech
  • E3D
  • DisTech Automation
  • SeeMeCNC
  • Micro Swiss
  • LulzBot
  • Diabase
  • Slice Engineering

3D Printer Extruders Parts

  • Stepper motor
  • Idler
  • Filament drive gear

The hot end contains the heater cartridge, thermistor, heater block, heater break and the nozzle.

E3D V6 3D Printer Extruder

The V6 is a flagship HotEnd featuring an all-metal design with high-temperature performance. he V6 is an incredibly versatile HotEnd allowing a wide variety of filaments to be used as standard. Whether you’d like to experiment with more advanced materials or print at different resolutions and sizes, our V6 ecosystem is suited for every application.

The Mosquito® Hotend Slice Engineering 3D Printer Extruder

Eliminates heat creep and reduces jamming. Improves printing resolution. Improves capability with high temp materials.

Prometheus V2 Hot End 3D Printer Extruder

The Prometheus V2 is an all-metal hot end that is fully customizable and works with any 3D printer. Machined from a single piece of stainless steel, the 1-piece nozzle allows for easy assembly and eliminates all internal “melt-zone” junctions. The nozzle can print at extremely high temperatures and maintain excellent consistency.