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Printer repair near me. We offer fast and reliable any printer repair. The quickest way to get an expert technician to your location. Fixing all makes and models of laser printer, copiers, scanner, and plotters.

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Paper jam. can't print. blurry image. Printer Repair Service in Rockridge/Temescal, CA is here to help!
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Our certified technicians can maintain and service your printer, photocopier and large format plotter in a timely manner. our services are innovative and inexpensive.

Same day Service. Quick And Reliable printer repair near me. Printer repair services are essential for maintaining the functionality of printers in various settings, including offices, businesses, and homes. Resolve print quality issues such as smudges, faded prints, streaks, or uneven printing.

Printer Repair. Plotter Repair. Fax Repair. Copier Repair. Large format printer repair.

Printer maintenace contract Rockridge/Temescal for all your types of printers including thermal printers, label printers, barcode printers, card printers, line printers, dot-matrix printers, HP DesignJet plotters, and laser printers. Pprovide on-site service to repair printers / copiers in Rockridge/Temescal. Service Locations: ...

Printer Repair & Servicing

Downtime on printers, plotters and copiers can be extremely costly. Offer laser printer repair services in Rockridge/Temescal for most major brands of printers. Contact us today!
Laser printers, plotters, copiers with multi-functions we have you covered for onsite repair.
Here are some of the types of printers we repair:

  • Laser printers
  • Color/B&W laser printers
  • Photo copiers
  • Multi-function copiers
  • Plotters

Diagnose and repair your printer to ensure a timely turnaround from your downtime. Authorized service technicians are standing by, and ready to come to your place of business with the proper experience, tools and knowledge to diagnose and fix whatever may be causing your printing issues. Fast, reliable printer and copier repair and service. Specialize in off-lease or out-of-warranty copiers and printers.
Service almost every common brand you can think of including Intermec, Texas Instruments, HP, IBM, TEC, Datamax, Printronix, Tally, Zebra, Lexmark, Okidata, Printek, AMT Datasouth, Genicom, and SATO.
Maintenance Kits, Fusers, Rollers, Separation Pads, Fans, Formatters and more...
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Laser Printer Maintenance

Professional printer services are available onsite in Rockridge/Temescal. Call us today to schedule a visit from one of our printer technicians to perform maintenance on your laser printer or plotter. From printer troubleshooting to general maintenance - you covered.
  • Printer Maintenance Kits
  • Printer Fusers
  • Printer Rollers and Parts
  • Printer Toner

Follow your printer suggested replacement schedule for parts and components that are known to wear out over time. Scheduled routine maintenance.
Maintenance tips to keep your printer in tip top shape... Keep uptime high. Go beyond printer maintenance and repair... Clean your printer on a regular basis; follow these tips for your printer... Do not place anything on top of your printer. Use your printer software utility to align your print heads. Use Quality Paper.

Laser Printer Repair Brands

offer printer repair for major printer brands such as HP Printers, Xerox Printers, Ricoh and Lexmark. Please call our sales and service department for more information or to schedule a site visit in Rockridge/Temescal. The most common laser printer repair problems are paper jams, maintenance errors, and issues with print quality. Some repairs are as simple as cleaning the printer, while others will require in-depth troubleshooting and possible parts replacement.
  • HP Laser Printers
  • Xerox Printers
  • Ricoh Printers
  • Lexmark Laser Printers

Our Printer Repair Rockridge/Temescal Services

  • Field Service Repair - Place a field Service call
  • Depot Repair - Bring your Machine to our depot repair facility
  • Pick Up & Delivery - Call and Request Van Service Pick Up & Delivery
  • Copier / photocopier Repair Service - We offer the fastest copier repair services by expert technicians
  • Maintenance Contracts - Reduce Down-time of your printer or copier with our expert maintenance contracts

How quickly can my printer be repaired?

Most of printer repair service centers have a standard response time. Service in your area may vary depending on the printer’s location and local traffic.

How much will it cost to repair my printer?

It's difficult to say without knowing your printer model, problem and location. Please contact a printer repair and service partner near you to get a quote for your specific printer/copier and problem.

Printer Parts & Supplies

Paper, toner, drums, rollers and more. Everything you need to keep your printer up and running we stock and supply. Extremely competitive pricing on all OEM and Compatible parts and supplies in Rockridge/Temescal.

Friendly and trained technicians can diagnose almost any problem. We will explain, in laymen's terms, what needs to be done.

Printer troubleshooting

How To Diagnose And Repair Stop Jams

Printer Repair tutorial

Printhead replacement

Over time, printheads can become clogged or worn out, resulting in poor print quality or malfunctioning of the printer. In such cases, replacing the printhead can often resolve the issue and restore the printer's performance. Ensure that you have the correct printhead model that is compatible with your printer. Printheads are designed for specific printer models, so it's crucial to verify compatibility before proceeding. Remove the old printhead. Take the new printhead out of its packaging and align it correctly with the designated slot in the printer. Test and calibrate.

Printer maintenance

power problem

paper feeding problem

How to fix error code

Upgrade firmware

  • Original Brother firmware
  • Original Canon firmware
  • Original Dell firmware
  • Original HP firmware
  • Original IBM firmware
  • Original Konica-Minolta firmware
  • Original Lexmark firmware
  • Original Samsung firmware
  • Original Xerox firmware

Any known problems with the latest firmware update... Resetting low toner warning... remanufatured ink... Code Flash error Fimware Upgrade...
Error on Startup... Printer will initialize to 39% then hang up and eventually give error...
Epson Workforce Pro Firmware Upgrades ...
NO TONER error after replacing ...
Firmware update problem - Cannot recognize ink cartridge Try installing again

Printer services & parts in Rockridge/Temescal, CA

Local Printer Repair...

The Printer Parts Center offers a full line of new OEM and aftermarket parts...

Free Repair Estimates & Onsite Repairs...

Maintenance Kits...


Pick-up Rollers...

Parts come with a six month warranty for OEM or aftermarket...

We also carry lots of good used spare parts. These parts offer no warranty and sold as is...

Laser Printer Repair in Rockridge/Temescal, CA

Full list of all Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, IBM, Konica-Minolta, Lexmark, Samsung, Xerox Service Repair Centers in Rockridge/Temescal, CA. All companies with the best technicians in the repair and servicing...

Some repairs are as simple as cleaning the printer, while others will require in-depth troubleshooting and possible parts replacement....

The cost of repair varies based on the type of printer you have...

Xerox Workcentre Smudging... Xerox WorkCentre printing Black streaks across paper... Xerox Workcentre jam... Xerox Workcentre slow printing...

Replace the imaging drum

Replace the imaging drum when you see one or more of these indications...
Purchase an imaging drum.
Remove the toner cartridge and imaging drum, and then replace the drum.
Remove the imaging drum, and then recycle it.

Wide-format printer repairs in Rockridge/Temescal, CA

Plotters and wide-format printers Canon and HP...

carriage belts, carriage assemblies, ink supply stations, and ink tube systems...

The cost of repair varies based on the type of printer you have...

  • Calibrate the plotter print head after replacing the belt
  • Clean Plotter Carriage Rails
  • Lubricate the Plotter Carriage Rails
  • Clean the entire HP plotter
  • Cleaning the Drive Roller
  • Encoder Strip Cleaning and inspection
  • Inspect and Clean Platen Assembly
  • Calibrate the Color after the plotter maintenance service

Get a friendly service technician right to your business at a great affordable rate.

Technicians have experience fix most major brand equipment: Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, EPSON, Xerox, Canon, Canon IPF, OCE and KIP printers and plotters.

Copier and MFP repairs in Rockridge/Temescal, CA

Whether you need a single repair or would like to schedule regular maintenance...

Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, Xerox...

The cost of repair varies based on the type of printer you have...

How to Clean Printer Rollers

Printer rollers get dirty over time, especially if you do a lot of duplex printing. If the printed paper has smears on it, clean the fixing roller using the following procedure.

  • Turn the printer off
  • Locate the printer rollers
  • Start wiping the rollers all around using lint-free cloth. Make sure to remove as much derbis as possible.
  • Let the rollers dry completely

How to repair a Laser printer drum

The drum is at the heart of your laser printer. It picks up toner using a static charge and then distributes it to the paper. The capacity of toner cartridges depends on the amount of toner it holds and the type of printing you do. OEM printer parts are usually very expensive. Consumers can opt for cheaper alternatives such as a compatible drum unit or compatible drum assembly depending on the printer model. Compatible drum units are aftermarket replacements for non combination cartridges where the drum unit is unattached to the cartridge. Once the new drum is replaced, you will need to reset the drum counter. Drum reset instructions vary depending on what printer you own.

How to Fix Dried Out Ink Cartridges

      Remove the cartridge from the printer
      Place the cartridge in a bowl of warm water
      Soak the cartridge
      Clean the nozzles dry with a paper towel
      Open `printer settings` on your computer and run `clean print head` utility

How to Fix Printer in error state?

If your printer is displaying an error, check the settings to see if it is set in default mode or not. If the green checkmark ✅ appears on your screen, it means you have completed the default printer setup.
Check Printer and computer connections... Inspect the Printer Spooler Services... Check and Delete the Print Spooler Files... Update or re-install printer drivers.